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Ultimate Guide to choose the Perfect TV Wall Mount for you

Mount’ define the meaning- height, means to keep something at height. Here we focused on the objects we use day to day life to keep it at certain height for our comfort zone. The objects mentioned earlier are TV, Setup Box, Projectors and many more. RD Plast is the leading manufactures of the mounts and provides wide range of these mounts as per technical specification of the products.

Mostly used item is TV; either it is LCD/ LED/ OLED we prefer to mount it on the wall/ceiling.

Let’s have some brief ideas about the TV Mounts:

Fixed TV Mount:

This mount holds the TV against the wall and its position can’t be changed. The mount is very close to the wall and there is very little space between the wall and the mount, if the ports of the TV are in the backside then it is very difficult to connect the wires of the other accessories with the TV port due to lack of space availability but RD Mounts make it easier, user can get rid of this kind of problem with the use of Manual provide by RD Mounts. Few features of this mount are marvelous as it is less expensive and reduce the glare on the TV screen from the surrounding and gives clear picture free from lighting. Fixed Mount is easy to install and less cable is used for the installation.

Tilting TV Mount:

In this Mount, the TV is fixed at one position and you can tilt the TV screen vertically i.e. up and down. The variation of tilt angle depends upon the size of the TV. Tilting TV Mount is used when we need our TV to be placed above our Eye Zone, as this position gives the good quality pictures and minimize the glare on the TV screen. This mount is very effective, easy to access and install, user friendly and price is in budget.

Articulating TV Mount:

It is also known as Full Motion TV Mount; this mount is designed in such a way that, horizontally it can move to and fro and vertically can swivel in any direction. It allows the clear picture on the TV screen at various angles. Articulating TV Mount is costlier and not easy to install, require technician for installation. This Mount needs more cables as compared with the other TV mounts.

RD Mounts Logo  gives the complete solution of the Mounting Accessories as it is the leading manufacturer of Mounts and all the products are latest, compact, easy to access and best in the market. RD Mounts provides the warranty and User Manual Guide for easy installation of the Mounts.

Key features to be noted while selecting the mounts. RD Mounts, research wing has analyzed the properties of the Mounts and hence few have been kept below for the customers for easy selection of the mounts.

  1. Materials: Before purchasing the mounts it is very essential to know the composition of the materials. The materials only decide the durability and sustainability. More the strength more its life will be. RD Mounts manufactures the products as per its technical specification and uses steel as the prime material.
  2. Hardware Stuffs: It is the next important aspect to remember, as to mount the TV or other accessories it’s very essential to look after the hardware such as lags, screw or fastener. The dimensions are key tool so exact shape, size, accuracy and tolerance are provided by RD Mounts.
  3. Installation: Mounting is done by the skilled person as they have complete knowledge as how to mount. Use of Cables and hardware tools is the important aspect for mounting. Cabling is done as per the look of the interior too. So, if you are a new user and you are not much aware about these things then don’t worry as RD Mounts provide the installation guide which is quite friendly and all are information are provided step by step, which allow you to install the mount in an easy way.
  4. Technical specification: while selecting the mount, you must know your TV size or other accessories size. The correct selection of mount as per the specification will exactly fit to the TV and reduce your stress by running several times to the shop.

RD Mounts gives the complete mounting solution. It has various team which works on the mounts. The research team undergo the analysis of day to day the need of the customer and as per the same prepare the report. The design creates a trending design and hence the production team manufactures the product with zero error provides tolerance and always focus on the quality work. These entire team efforts made the RD Mount, the leading mounting company since last 20 years in India.
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May 11, 2018


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