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Nurse Station (NS) Controller – NURSE CALL SYSTEM

The RD PLAST Electronic Nurse Call System is an audio-visual call system, with a unique 3-colour lamp feature. It is also a highly modular system which can be configured to meet the needs of any type of hospital, nursing home or clinic – regardless of their size.

1.1.1 The System’s Modules consist of:-

  • Nurse Station LCD (NS_LCD), for counter top location
  • Alternately, wall-mounted Display Consoles
  • Bed Head Unit (Calling Unit) modules, mountable on the wall or a Bed-Head Board Panel
  • Hand held modules, for patient use
  • Door Display modules (Door Indicator), mounted at the room entrance on the corridor wall
  • Emergency Call modules (Toilet Calling Unit), mountable in the toilet

Model : Nurse Station (NS) Controller

Technical Specifications
  • Input Power : 230VAC, 50Hz.
  • Power Dissipation: 100 Watts Maximum
  • Communication Signal : 5VDC level at 9600 baud
  • Room Units power Output: 24VDC at 100mA.
  • Supervisory Unit Port : 5VDC level at 9600 baud Communication Signal
  • Power on Supervisory port: 24 VDC @20 mA
  • NS Display Unit : 5VDC level at 9600 baud Communication Signal
  • NS Display Port: 24 VDC @20 mA Power Supply
  • Salient-Features
  • Support 16 Calling Units
  • It have 16 RJ45 sockets to be interfaced with Calling Units through CAT-5 cables
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