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The RD PLAST Electronic Nurse Call System is an audio-visual call system, with a unique 3-colour lamp feature. It is also a highly modular system which can be configured to meet the needs of any type of hospital, nursing home or clinic – regardless of their size.

Addressable 32 bit RISC Microprocessor Control & Embedded Technology based Nurses Call Station Monitor with built-in LCD display with voice announcement. Information displayed uses LCD based display with dynamic windows which displays the room number of calling patient. When more then one call is registered, then the information shall be on priority basis. Power supply suitable for 220 volts 50 Hz 100 VA (max) for 24 lines AC main supply complete with step-down transformer of appropriate rating, electronic rectifier with regulating circuits to give DC outputs of + 12V DC through battery/panel and battery charger, all housed in powder coated sheet steel enclosure, network interface module, power supply and complete as per specification required.

1.1.1 The System’s Modules consist of:-

  • Nurse Station LCD (NS_LCD), for counter top location
  • Alternately, wall-mounted Display Consoles
  • Bed Head Unit (Calling Unit) modules, mountable on the wall or a Bed-Head Board Panel
  • Hand held modules, for patient use
  • Door Display modules (Door Indicator), mounted at the room entrance on the corridor wall
  • Emergency Call modules (Toilet Calling Unit), mountable in the toilet

Model : Nurse Station LCD (NS-LCD)

Technical Specifications
  • Capacity up to 64 lines
  • Pressing the Power Button for long time (approximately 3 sec.) to turns device ON or OFF.
  • Weight is approx. 1.5 Kg.
  • Mains supply input: 230 V AC+/- 10 %, 50 Hz, 15 VA.
  • System power supply: 12V DC or less.
  • LCD display: 320X240 pixels.
  • Dimensions 255 mm. is Width, 107 mm. is Height & 205 mm. is Depth.(255X107X205)
  • Flashing 5 mm. LED to indicate NCS is in active.
  • Standby battery powered operation through UPS (optional).
  • Under desk terminal box for ease of access & maintenance.
  • Brass screw terminals only - for all incoming line wires.
  • Body & chassis fabricated from epoxy-polyester powder coated aluminum.
  • Salient-Features
  • Plug-in type PCB's for easy service and replacement.
  • Electronic digital bed number annunciation displays.
  • Speaker for audible voice alert.
  • Periodic reminder about audible voice alert.
  • Discernable emergency audio voice alert.
  • Distinctive displays for normal calls, emergency & nurse-presence.
  • Single acknowledgement button for calls from all beds (Mute Button).
  • Provision for nurse-help assistance calls (optional).
  • Provision for hospital-wide Code-Blue Alert calls (optional).
  • Computerized nurse-call response monitoring (optional).
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