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Carriers – Pneumatic Tube System

With suitable holders of vaccutainers and a pair shuttle bung for each container

Carrier for hospital use should be with easy to operate swivel top mechanic, sealed load chamber, to prevent contamination of tubing in the unlikely event of spill of transported goods. This must be realized only by closing the sealed swivel top mechanism.

The “closed” position should be fastened in a lock-in position. The lid should be kept in this position by a spring force and has to be equipped with seals. Furthermore the design of the container must be done in a way that an open carrier can’t be sent. Any carrier has to be equipped with two free programmable data transponder, system according to send receive device used by the manufacturer in the Pneumatic Stations send magazines.

Transponders are used to electronically identify any carrier by a unique address and to offer the user automatic redistribution to home Pneumatic Station and optionally a second address for dedicated locations or special carrier use. The carriers must provide a easily visible wear and tear resistant color coding system, which must be changeable also on site by the user without damage and not requiring special tools.

Model : Carriers

Technical Specifications
  • Inside-loading-dimension for Carrier 160 MM
  • Inside Swivel top 115 x 400 MM
  • Outer-dimension for Carrier 160 MM
  • Outer Swivel top 150 x 420 MM
  • Salient-Features
  • With suitable holders of vaccutainers and a pair shuttle bung for each container.
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