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RD Mounts the best LED TV Stand – Benefits, Advantages & Disadvantages

Today most of the people are living a luxurious life and in this part, they keep LED/LCD TV for the entertainment purpose and for the same, Wall Mount TV Stand play a key role to hold the TV, give good viewing angle and also give a good look to the Interior.

Before getting the Wall Mounts, you must have sufficient and relevant information about the Mounts, Types of Mounts, its benefits, advantages, and disadvantages.

Mounts: – Mounts is designed to support the LED/LCD TV on the wall. The fastener is basically used to fix the Mount on the Wall. Mainly, there are three types of mounts and these are:-

1. Flat Mount: – It is the basic Mounts, easy to install and easy to access and hold the TV very close to the Wall.
2. Tilt Mount: – It is specially designed to tilt the LED/LCD TV in the Vertical direction due to the Pivot located in the middle of the Bracket.
3. Articulating Mount: – It allows you to tilt your TV in horizontal as well as in the Vertical direction. The folded arm is the important tool in this Mount when the arm is folded it just switched back and quite close to the wall and when unfolded allow to move the TV several inches out from the Wall. It is one of the Best Corner TV Cabinet for the LCD TV Stand.

Advantages of RD Wall Mounts
RD Mounts RW 9823-1 Full Motion TV Wall Mount

  • The Mounts manufactured by the RD Mounts occupy less space and hence the reduced area can be used for the other purpose, especially this is done for those customers who have too many items at room and space is insufficient.
  • RD Wall Mounts gives the perfect angle for viewing the TV and hence give the good quality picture by reducing the glare, gives comfort zone by reducing the back pain.
  • RD Wall Mount provides the complete package with the Mount, including Installation Guide and Fasteners.
  • Always produce the latest Mounts as per the market need and the customer’s requirement.
  • RD Mounts manufactures the unique and quality Mounts with excellent features.

Benefits of RD Wall Mounts TV Stand: –

  • RD Mounts is the leading manufacturer of the multiple Wall Mounts. The material used for the producing of Wall Mount is MS Sheet because it has high resistance and opposed corrosive and provide long life to the Wall Mounts.
  • It is specially designed as per the customer needs and their requirement, it occupies less space and less in weight, which enables the customer to handle it easily. RD Wall Mounts are quite strong due to the material composition used during production and hence it avoids any dangerous hazard, such as fall of TV and much more.
  • The Articulating and Tilt Wall Mount gives the motion to the TV, RD Wall Mount always takes the consideration while designing the ‘Arm’ and keep in such a way that no friction obstructs the movement of the Arm in Articulating Wall Stand and hence, make “RD Mount the Best Corner TV Stand “.
  • The user-friendly Manual guide is being provided by the RD Mounts which support the customer to install the Mounts without any stress.

If thinking about Mount, then go for 

Disadvantages of Fix Mount
: –

  • The cleaning of TV in Fix Wall Mount is very difficult, as you have to remove the TV from the Bracket and then can perform the action, in case of Flat and Fix Wall Mount, the difference between the Mount and the Wall is very small, so it becomes quite hard to do the cleaning or to port any cable on the TV.
  • Usually, the Mounting consumes a long cable wire and for the Installation, you will need a technician who can hide and manage the cables. In addition, if you want to add any peripheral devices or want to link the device to your TV, then the hidden cable will give you the trouble.
  • In Fix Mount, selection of the place is done at one time as for where to mount the bracket. After that, it will be difficult to change the position, as to remove the Mount and Re-install the same is a tedious job.

Fix Mounts have few demerits but Swivel Mount won’t let you face any problem. And with the trends, Articulating Mount is very necessary for the LED/LCD TV.

RD Wall Mounts the best LED TV Unit: – You can choose any Mount for your LED TV as per the size and specification. The Mounts featured by the RD Mounts supports all the brands and the key features are the grip which holds the TV gently and avoids any danger. Here you will get the Mount with an accurate dimension which matches with your smart LED/ LCD/ OLED TV.

RD Mounts the best LCD TV Wall Stand : – RD Mounts produces the Mounts which supports almost all the brands of TV, Multiple departments work for the Mounts, research wing undergoes for the specification, design, accuracy of the tools, light in weight, selection of material and much more and after that, it goes into the production. Hence it is not only a Mount, It is RD Mounts which always gives the quality product.

RD Wall Mounts the best-LED TV Stand: – RD Mounts is always known by the Mounts, as the Mounts manufactured by RD Mounts have great features. The LED TV stand is the outstanding product of this Company, the Mount for LED TV is perfect for viewing the TV, as it reduces the glare from the surrounding and also reduces the neck and eye pain, hence gives the comfort to the body while viewing LED TV. The Mounts manufactured by the RD Mount enhance all the TV brands.

Still if you don’t have Wall Mount, then get it now from the one and only, Indian’s leading manufacturer of Mounts – R D Mounts.

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May 11, 2018


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