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The installation depends upon the type of mount you choose. Basically, there are three types of mounts, i.e. Fixed mount, Tilting mount and Articulating mount.

Fixed mount: The installation of this mount is very easy as the mount is very close to the wall, so you can easily fix it without any problem.

Tilting mount: The tilting mount allow you to adjust your TV screen vertically, means you can tilt your mount vertically up and down. To install this, you will require some tools such as Hand Drilling machine, drill bit 5mm. (depends upon the size of the mount which you are going to install), Hammer, Screwdriver and measurement tape. RD mounts provide the user manual guide for easy installation of any mounts. The step by step procedure is mentioned in that manual.

  • To install, you just select a place where you want to keep your TV, then insert drill bit on drilling machine and start drilling the wall.
  • When drilling process is over, inser the bit on the wall and then fix the mount on the wall with the fastener.
  • The fastener should be properly tightened and for the same use proper screewdriver.
  • Repeat this process for all the holes.
  • Now, do the alignment of your TV in the mount and enjoy.

Articulating mount: Articulating mount makes your TV screen to move Horizontally and Vertically. This feature is specifically provided to give your eyes a comfort zone.

To install this mount you can do it by yourself, but recommended that you must call the technical person to fix the mount , as they have good hands on experience in installing the mounts.

RD Mounts manufactures the last long mounts. The material used is fine quality steel. The research department analyzes the material for the various mounts and the production team manufactures the mounts as per quality and long lasting and hence for the same the selection of material, dedication and team work plays a vital role. RD mounts believes in same, and here you can get long lasting and various mounts over here.

Mount is designed to give you comfort while watching LED/LCD TV. Selection of mount depends upon your TV screen and the way you like to watch the same. There are multiple mounts available in the market. The types and features are listed below.

Fixed mount: Fixed mount is low cost mount and you can hang your TV in this mount very easily, but movement is restricted. You can’t move your TV either horizontally or vertically.  Available in all size from 20in to 65in.

Tilting mount: This mount allows you to move your TV vertically; just you have to fix the TV on your mount followed by the installation of mount. It reduces the glare and provides comfort to your eyes. RD Mounts is the leading manufacturer of mounts.

Articulating mounts:  This mount has excellent features, as it allows you to move your TV screen in both the direction, i.e. horizontally and vertically. You can adjust your TV in any direction as per your requirement and hence enjoy the visual benefits of the TV by applying this mount. RD Mounts provide the detailed instruction, about its features and installation procedure and the same is mentioned in the user manual guide.

So, you can choose any mounts, manufactured by RD Mounts as it will support all the brands and will exactly match as per your requirement.

The mount selection depends upon your budget and comfort zone. All the mounts have various features. Fixed type mount is a low cost one; it is totally fixed with the TV. The motion is restricted; you can’t move your TV in any direction. The installation procedure is very easy.

Motion mount allow you to move your TV in any direction. The budget of this TV is it higher compared with fixed mount. Pleasure, comfort and satisfaction of TV can be achieved only by using this motion mount.


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